Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home-Made Diaper Wipes

Okay, so I took some really great pictures of this project, but I can't get them to upload at this time for some reason, so I'll just have to post without pictures for now. Hopefully I'll be able to upload later.

I haven't posted in quite some time, because quite frankly, I haven't had time to do any "big" projects for a while. Then I was inspired by this post over at the Intentional Homemaker and decided to make some re-usable wipes to have on hand at our house. While I do not do cloth diapers, we have two in diapers still, and lots of messy faces to wash, so it makes sense. You can also find in that post a link for where to buy re-usable wipes.

I just bought a package of four coordinating flannel receiving blankets and cut them down to 9x9 inch squares. I then placed them right sides together and sewed around the edges, leaving about an inch and a half opening for turning. I like to trim the edges at this point so you don't have a bunch of extra fabric when you turn in right side out.

After you turn the fabric right side out, are left with a nice little double-layered square of flannel. I like to run a zig-zag top stitch all around the edges to finish it off nicely.

It only took about three hours (I am a VERY novice seamstress!), and I have about 30 really cute re-usable wipes! These fit nicely folded in half inside a wipes case or even a travel wipes case. Tie a stack up with a pretty ribbon and you have a beautiful hand-made baby shower gift.