Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch at my house!

So, I mixed up the order of the pictures in this post and I just don't have time to go back and fix it right now. So...this is a body scrub that I made for my mom and mother-in-law. I got the recipe from Stephanie Lynn at My mother-in-law tried it and told my it was fabulous!

Here is my son posing at his place at the kid's table. He was so excited to eat his brownie treat, I think it may have been opened before anyone even got here.

I made this food labels and am disappointed you cannot see the writing in the photos, but they looked nice in person.

My 4-year-old has recently discovered a cooking show she loves to watch and is always wanting to try the recipes. This was a pretty easy (and very tasty) fresh strawberry pie that she made with the help of her daddy and myself. She made two of these as a gift for her Grammy and Baba. It looked so pretty on the table.

Roses from my sister's yard.

These were some small bouquets my mother-in-law made for me using flowers from her yard. They were such sweet displays! They made me think of my three sweet little babies!

The favor basket at each place setting. They were tiny baskets filled with a brownie bite tied with pink cellophane and two plump fresh strawberries. I tied a small turquoise bow on one side of the handle. Each one only set me back about $1.50 and they really made a sweet sentiment on the table.

This was supposed to be the first picture! All of my siblings were home this year except for one (we missed having you and your family there Trish!) and we wanted to be able to relax and visit so we decided to have a brunch at home instead of going out. Since all of our family gatherings are usually at my sister's house, we decided to give her a break and have it at my house. I wanted to make the setting pretty without going a lot of trouble or expense. So after deciding on a color scheme of pink and turquoise I "shopped" my mom and sisters houses. My husband wanted to make it as little clean-up as possible and use paper plates and such. I was not really into this idea at all, as it did not mesh with my idea of a nice Mother's Day brunch...but I finally caved to his idea and we found some nice paper products at Target and I think the table looked pretty after all. Everyone brought a brunch item and I wish I had pictures of the brunch table but I was too busy at that time to take pictures. Sigh. We had a coffee and waffle station, two kinds of quiche, potatoes, chocolate filled croissants, biscuits, fruit, veggie tray, bacon, sausage and sweet vidalia pudding as well as cookies and strawberry pie. It was all very yummy!

Another picture of the place settings. I didn't have enough turquoise placemats so I alternated between these and some deep red chargers that I usually use at Christmas. The "silverware" is plastic, but it is the kind that looks real. My husband was right, clean-up was a breeze. And really, when you have 17 people for dinner, you have to go with some shortcuts!

We all had a nice time and it was so much better to be at my house than trying to take three children under five to a buffet!!

Hope everyone had an equally wonderful Mother's Day!

Building Project, Part 2

So, I finally finished my console table. Well, mostly finished it. I think I may put a coat of polyurethane on it for further protection. It is not completely square, and very far from perfect, but as I have NEVER built anything in my life, I am pretty happy with it! If you have not seen her blog, you MUST go visit Anna at (where I got the plans and inspiration to try this table) --she has so many great furniture plans over there!

This is not the final display for this table. I took this picture on M0ther's Day and this matched the table decor. The small flower arrangements were made for me by my mother-in-law (symbolizing one for each of my three kids), and the roses in the round case were from my sister's yard. The silk ones in the blue vase were a mother's day gift from my 4-year-old daughter. They are my favorite ones :)

I am linking this up to Shanty2Chic's I Made it Without My Hubby party.