Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying My Hand at Building!

Here is what my 4-year-old daughter and I have been working on! We got the plans from Anna White at Knockoffwood.com. She has an amazing array of furniture plans that she offers for free use. After looking at all the incredible photos of what beginning builders (and by beginning I mean, "I have never built anything in my life" builders) I got inspired and thought maybe I could do something like that. This is my very first project, and I had some trouble with my boards not being perfectly straight so it's not totally plum but I am pretty proud of it for a first try! I still have to finish the screws in the top (drill is charging) and then I will paint it. But here she is in all her unfinished glory!

I tried this one first because it seemed to be one of her easiest projects.

Things I discovered along the way:
Straight boards may not be truly straight, even if you do all the right checking for straightness!
It is very difficult to hold two long boards at right angles by yourself while you screw them together! (Maybe this was the real problem!) My daughter helped me hold the boards and watched to make sure the screws didn't pop through the wood at the wrong angle. She was so proud of helping me build it! I took pictures of her but now can't find them on my card. Sigh.

The next projects on my list are Anna's toddler picnic table, the activity table and bunk beds! My husband will have to help me with those I think! Check out her site and get inspired and start building whatever you need (want) in your house!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Entertainment Center Re-do

I inherited this entertainment center from my husband when we got married. It really is not either one of our tastes, but for the moment, it is what we have. So many things about this bother me, where to start? My 10-month-old loved pulling all the DVDs off the shelves (notice how they are all up high?) Do you love the pull-ups box? Some things you just get used to seeing. I didn't even notice it when I took the picture!
The first thing I did was to make curtains out of painter's drop cloth. I didn't have a small enough rod to hold them in place, so I made a hem and put a pencil through it cut just slightly longer than the width of the shelving unit. I then drilled a hole on one side just the size of the pencil, stuck it in the hole and wedged the other side of the pencil against the inside of the shelving part. Does that make sense? I did this on both top and bottom and left the sides of the curtain open so we can still get to the DVDs. My son does not even go near the movies now!
Here is the almost completed after. My sister sprayed a primer on it, then spray painted the entire piece a deep espresso brown. I LOVE how it looks now! The only thing I still need to do is hide all the cords! Thinking of putting beadboard on the back to take care of that. The entire process cost less than $20.00 and it doesn't hurt my eyes anymore! My husband liked it so much he wants to do our table and chairs next.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello Again

I am endeavoring to stay up on my blog for my dear sister's sake-unbeknownst to me, she tries to read my blog every day--I have not posted in four months. Why I picked Easter weekend to update I do not know.

I have done a few makeovers in my house, but don't have pictures on my computer yet. Soon, very soon.

Thinking about the cross and what this weekend means to me. Every year I try to put myself in the place of Jesus' followers 2,000 years ago. What would today have been like not knowing that tomorrow is coming? I imagine sadness, disillusionment, disappointment...a lost feeling like, now what? I followed Jesus all over the country for the last three years. I gave up my family for him, and now he's dead. I don't know where to go from here.

Thankfully, I know tomorrow's coming and I am so thankful for the Resurrection!!!