Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Airplane Party

This was for my son's third birthday. I absolutely love this wall art--I may have to find someplace in the house for it just because it makes me smile!

Get ready for a long post with lots of pictures! We did an orange, green and blue airplane party, which was really inspired by THIS and THIS post from Kara's Party Ideas. If you like parties, hop on over there and check out her site. It's filled with great inspiration for all kinds of celebrations!

I have two boys just under two years apart, so I decided to do the same color scheme for both of them, with just a little different twist. If you want to see what I did for the other party, look at my post for my one-year-old in May.

Since it was an airplane theme, I packaged up in-flight meals for everyone. These were for our youngest fliers.

They got a small package of raisins, bag of organic apples, a small juice, and a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

The adults got in-flight meals consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich and green salad. We also had a table set up of condiments and extra sandwiches, salads and chips for those who wanted a little more during the flight. They were warned to be careful when opening their meals as some items may have shifted during take-off.

Love this plane coming in for a landing out of the clouds!

We had a iced tea and lemonade bar set up. I am just sorry I didn't get pictures of it before the party started.

Close-ups of the additions for the iced tea. The fresh basil with raspberry syrup was the big hit of the day! I could drink that stuff forever!!

This just makes me happy! I love the banner and the pom-poms! For once, they actually turned out full enough! I used 10 sheets of tissue paper instead the 8 I usually use. That must be the trick!

Ordered this cake from Costco! I usually make the cake, but realized my limitations this time!

This was made by my mother-in-law. It was a plane made entirely from foliage and flowers! I think it was so creative!

Here is the "baggage claim" area where the little kids got to fill their treat bags before going home. I really like the idea of this, but the sign didn't really turn out like I wanted. Maybe I should have made the sign stretch across the entire wall space.

I don't know what these are called, maybe fourth of July sparklers. They are from the Martha Stewart website, but I got the instructions HERE.

These airplanes were a pain to make, so I enlisted some help from family--thanks everyone! They were puzzles from the $ store and started out as flat pieces of wood that you had to punch out and put together. After that, we spray painted them to match the colors of the party and added windmill props to some of them. Loved that whimsical touch! I was going to give them out as favors, but decided after all that work to save them and maybe use them as a decorating theme in my boys' room!

The kids got to fill their bags with small packages of floam, bags of peanuts, bubbles, marshmallow pops, salt water taffy and home-made play dough.

We also did a small craft where the little ones got to decorate their "pilot visors" with stickers. Hmm...I didn't even notice that pepsi when I took this picture!

Without even planning it, almost everyone who came to the party was dressed in either orange, green or blue! Too funny! All in all, it was a fun party, but I am sure glad I don't have another birthday party to plan until October (I do have another Birth Day before then though!).

Hope you enjoyed this post and all the many pictures!

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  1. Everything looks very fun and creative. I looked for Aaron's party but couldn't find it.